Where it all began… and where I am going.

Ever since I was a child, I had an interest in real estate.  Maybe I got it from watching my father.  From an early age, I watched him invest in real estate.  My father has a tremendous work ethic and I’ve witnessed him manage and repair the various rental properties he’s owned over the years.

I didn’t think I could be the type of person to get into real estate.  Having two children there is a need for a constant flow of income and not take the risk of not knowing when my next paycheck would come.  Not until I spoke with a broker did I realize that I having one job while entering into the real estate industry could be an advantage.  She said having a job that provides a consistent source of income would allow me to enter the industry and reduce the risk of leaving; like so many others do because of the amour of time it takes to to get established and start earning income.  It allows me to grow my real estate network, work with a few clients at a time, and allow me to give my clients the attention they deserve and represent their true interests.

I truly enjoy helping others.  That is one of the reasons I’ve spent nearly 20 years working in the public sector.   Venturing into real estate I look forward to utilizing my personal experience along with my love for real estate, technology, and marketing to help those in my community sell and buy real estate.  I am enjoying the transition into my new career and look forward to working with you whenever you need a Realtor.

Are you considering selling and/or buying a home?  When searching for an agent, you need to find one you can trust.  If you are in the Hudson Valley call or text me at (845) 420-4562 and follow me on Facebook (@CPCamm), Twitter (@ChrisCamm), Instagram (CPCamm), and SnapChat (cpcamm).  Don’t forget to view my website www.ChrisCamm.com where you will find additional information and can search for property in the Hudson Valley.


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